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A lot of things to release today. First up are almost all of my Saturn prototypes1

The prototypes are: 

Crypt Killer (Prototype - Jan 8, 1997) 

Duke Nukem (Prototype - Sep 18, 1997) 

Fighters Megamix (Prototype - Apr 08, 1997) 

Fighting Vipers (Prototype - Sep 06, 1996) 

Loaded (Prototype - Sep 3, 1996) 

Primal Rage (Prototype - Feb 12, 1996) 

Sega Rally Championship (Prototype - Oct 31, 1995) 

Slam N' Jam 96 (Prototype - Feb 1, 1996) 

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Prototype - Feb 07, 1996) 

Virtua Racing (Prototype - Oct 30, 1995) 

Winning Post (Prototype - Dec 27, 1995) 

Edit: the dates on Loaded and Virtua Racing are wrong: Loaded should be June and Virtua Racing should be August. Sorry for the mix up, can't turn the torrent back now. 

I realize some of them are identical or close to final, but I've put them up for completeness' sake. At least two are interesting -- the Primal Rage is an alpha, and UMK3 seems to be four months early (though I couldn't test it as I don't have a Saturn any more). Thanks to linlhutz for donating for these. 

Also, as a bonus, I've got around to dumping some Mega Drive carts Lyall Williams sent me a long time ago. Here are they. All but one are dumps of pirate games (some hilarious one like Iraq War, Lion King 3). Some of them are already around and some of them don't work (due to bad carts). One of them is a prototype of a soccer game, so big thanks to Lyall for donating these dumps! 

Also, in spite of my neglect, the forums seem to have some good activity, among which are Glisp's Saturn and Sega CD dumps, and many community releases by Sega Saturno, including the upcoming Saturn pack. I have a weird appreciation of things that spring to live themselves (like our IRC channel, #protos). 

As usual, enjoy. 

1) - The one Saturn proto I have left is a prototype of Nights (not the one I released a while ago).