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It's been exactly a year since the huge release, today. I thought I'd give you something nice for that occasion: 

GBA 0003 Turok Advance Title.png

GBA 0005 Turok Advance 2.pngGBA 0005 Turok Advance 0.pngGBA 0005 Turok Advance 1.pngGBA 0005 Turok Advance 3.pngGBA 0005 Turok Advance 5.pngGBA 0005 Turok Advance 4.pngGBA 0004 Turok Advance Title.pngGBA 0005 Turok Advance Title.png

This is basically Turok Advance, the way it was supposed to be, in 3D, based on the data from the N64 version. It was scrapped in favor of a 2D Turok. These (three) versions are a bit slow, but it's because they're early versions. I'm told they could have made the engine faster if they had more time with this project. 

Grab it from here. Big thanks to breezer.