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May 2, 2006


I'm your new friend. I'll be dumping awesome and not so-awesome games that wouldn't normally hit the internet and release them. 

I won't be posting any bullshit introductions. 

  • I released 17 ROMs: 
  • 7 games not ever seen or heard of before 
  • New dumps of 7 games 
  • An official bugfix of Sonic 2 
  • A new revision of Ristar 
  • WWF Wrestlemania Arcade Alpha (already in Goodgen) - dumped by Rika Chou 

I got most of them from Game no Kanzume Otokuyou (J) [!]. The ROM was a 12-in-1 pack for some modified Genesis. The ROMs inside were compressed so I went ahead and cracked the compression. What's funny, that I got 14 games from it. 

The Ristar and Sonic 2 are from Sonic Mega Collection+, PC version. Same thing, decompressed.