NiGHTS into Dreams (Special Sampler)

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Title Screen
NiGHTS into Dreams (Special Sampler)
Dumped by Madroms
Released by
Origin CD-ROM
Game NiGHTS into Dreams
System Sega Saturn
Genre Platformer
Final build JP Jun 17, 1996
US Jun 19, 1996
EU Jul 2, 1996
Release date JP Jul 5, 1996
US Aug 20, 1996
EU Oct 7, 1996
Download NiGHTS into Dreams (Special Sampler) (info)
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A Japanese demo disc for NiGHTs.


  • This seems very similar to the E3 build. Elements including the character select screen, levels available to play, the FMV sequences including Yuji Naka credits, and non-final music cues are all 1:1 to that version.
  • The title screen kana says "店頭デモ Version" (Tentō demo - translation: "In-store demo")



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