Oscar's Trash Race (Oct 20, 1982 prototype)

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Title Screen
Oscar's Trash Race (Oct 20, 1982 prototype)
Build date Oct 20, 1982
Dump status Released
Dumped by Wickeycolumbus
Released by Wickeycolumbus
File release date December 16, 2014
Origin EPROM cartridge
EPROMs 2x Texas Instruments TMS2532JL-45
Labels Oscar Race EPROM Cartridge
Oscar 8 10-20 LO
Oscar 8 10-20 HI
Game Oscar's Trash Race
System Atari 2600
Genre Educational
Final build US May 23, 1983
EU Unknown
Release date US Mar 1984
EU 1986
Download Oscar's Trash Race (Oct 20, 1982 prototype) (info)
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A very early prototype of Oscar's Trash Race for the Atari 2600.


  • Dated seven months before the final build.
  • While the basic structure is the same, the gameplay is vastly different compared to the final product.


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