Pac-Man Ghost Zone (Jun 9, 1997 E3 Demo)

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Title Screen
Pac-Man Ghost Zone (Jun 9, 1997 E3 Demo)
Build date June 9, 1997
Dump status Released, redump needed
File release date April 19, 2022
Origin CD-R
Dump method CloneCD
Ownership William Anderson (1997-present)
Game Pac-Man Ghost Zone
System PlayStation
Genre Platformer
Release date Unreleased
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A video demonstration of the unreleased Pac-Man Ghost Zone for the Sony PlayStation.


  • This is a short video demonstration of a prototype for the game which features a variety of clips showing the game in action, and the opening cinematic.
  • This build matches the demo used at E3 1997.
  • Pressing START, X, or L3 skips the videos and restarts the demo.
  • L70S00.VB contains 3 unused sounds that would have been used in this demo, but these sounds can be heard in some other E3 footage on the game.
  • The EXE does not seem to be like the usual simple dedicated STR movie player from the SDK's sample that a lot of demo discs use as base, it has extra code from the libs they developed for Pac-Man Ghost Zone.
  • There's code to playback SEQ data which is for sequenced music, interesting because Pac-Man World used VAGs to do music. The code itself looks different compared to the one from the SDK's LIBSND.LIB, so probably Namco Hometek developed their own lib.
  • There's an exception handler and seems to be the same as the one found in Pac-Man World.
  • Like Pac-Man World it has hardcoded file locations, probably to not do TOC seeking, which would make file reading slower.





Special thanks to William Anderson for allowing us to share this demo!