Patlabor - The Game (Taikenban 1.0)

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Title Screen
Patlabor - The Game (Taikenban 1.0)
Dump status Released
Dumped by fuzzball
Origin CD-ROM
Game Patlabor - The Game
System PlayStation
Genre Adventure
Release date Unreleased
Download Patlabor - The Game (Taikenban 1.0) (info)
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A demo of a game that would be titled "Patlabor - The Game", which was bundled with copies of the Playstation game "Silent Mobius".

In spite of being based on the same IP and being a Playstation game, the game title "Patlabor - Game Edition", released in 2000, is NOT this game by any stretch of the imagination. It is a more straightforward, arcade-esque robot combat game using Production I.G. art. It appears this was intended to be a more ambitious adventure game using manga art..




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