Payout Poker & Casino (Jul 28, 2005 prototype)

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Payout Poker & Casino (Jul 28, 2005 prototype)
Build date Jul 28, 2005 05:02:56
Dump status Released
Dumped by RazorStoJ
Released by Dink
File release date January 22, 2021
Origin Xbox Dev Kit
Game Payout Poker & Casino
System Xbox
Genre Gambling
Release date Unreleased
Download Payout Poker & Casino (Jul 28, 2005 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of the unreleased Payout Poker & Casino (also known as Playwize Poker & Casino) for the Microsoft Xbox.


  • The build currently will only work on a debug kit or a modded xbox with 128MB of RAM and a bios that supports the extra memory. It may become playable in the future on an emulator like XEMU if you configure it like a debug kit.
  • Only The Egyptian Kings Casino (CASINO6) and Riviera Casino (CASINO1) are playable through the frontend without modifications. The other two casinos are leftovers from an older build and will crash the game due to the file version being too old.
  • CASINO2 and CASINO4 were updated with the build and can be played by swapping out the files with one of the listed casinos on the menu. However, these casinos were early in development so you cannot really do anything besides just walk around.
  • The casino simply named CASINO is leftover from November 17, 2004, back when the game was pitched as Casino: The Ultimate Player. It has quite a few reused assets from Constantine, as that was the last game that the studio worked on at the time.
  • "Locked" casinos can still be played by pressing the A button.
  • Party play works with the exception of "Classic War" and "Eliminate + Sabotage". Those load but they immediately end in a draw as soon as the round starts.
  • The game does not seem to be optimized yet, as the framerate will often dip to the single digits during gameplay.

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