Pizza Tower (Jul 14, 2018 prototype)

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Title Screen
Pizza Tower (Jul 14, 2018 prototype)
Build date Jul 14, 2018 23:50:43
Build name Early Test Build
Dump status Released
Dumped by McPig
Released by McPig
File release date July 14, 2018
Game Pizza Tower
System PC
Genre Action-Platformer
Final build WW Jan 15, 2023
Release date WW Jan 26, 2023

An very early prototype of Pizza Tower for PC, which is called as "Demo 0". It was available on McPig's Dropbox, but deleted, later, it was archived by some member of the official discord server.


  • Contains only 1 level, which is playable.
  • The title screen is an disclaimer, which also is present on another builds.

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