Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (Feb 17, 2006 prototype)

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Title Screen
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (Feb 17, 2006 prototype)
Build date Feb 17, 2006
Dump status Released
Released by Anonymous
File release date July 24, 2020
Origin Compiled from source code
Lot 2018 Nintendo data breach
Game Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
System Nintendo DS
Genre Role-playing
Final build JP Aug 16, 2006
US Mar 15, 2007
UK May 10, 2007
EU Jun 4, 2007
KR Dec 18, 2007
Release date JP Sep 28, 2006
US Apr 22, 2007
AU Jun 21, 2007
EU Jul 27, 2007
KR Feb 14, 2008

A prototype of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, dated February 17, 2006. This prototype was compiled from a source code commit dated March 12, 2006.


The Cutting Room Floor research

While this prototype refers to a single point of development, several different builds are associated with this development snapshot, due to the game being split into both Diamond and Pearl versions.

Note that these builds were not pre-compiled and were instead manually built from compilable milestones in the source code repository. These builds represent early builds of the Japanese version of the game and were compiled with debug mode enabled. Oddly, despite this build being able to be compiled as separate "Diamond" and "Pearl" versions, both game names will appear on the title screen, with the name that appears seemingly being random upon each start-up.

The .gmm and .imd files are used to date these builds, as they appear more representative of the actual changes between respective builds than the commit dates. That is to say, the data that is included within each commit appears to be quite a bit earlier than the commits themselves, and so dates baked into the files themselves are used instead. Note that these are not technically build dates, as the files were not pre-compiled and were instead manually built from compilable milestones in the source code repository. The commit dates that these builds were compiled from - as well as the commit dates on some of the most important and notable files within the code - have been included for the sake of completeness.

Note that the MD5 hashes listed here are obviously dependent on how the builds were compiled, and are instead representative of what is perhaps the most common compiled version of each of these files currently in the wild.

GMM / IMD File Dates Feb 17, 2006
Commit Date Mar 12, 2006
pokegra.narc Commit Date Mar 12, 2006
pokeicon.narc Commit Date Mar 12, 2006
sound_data.sdat Commit Date Mar 12, 2006
MD5 (Diamond) 1f19f15fede84508169bbe8f31a1e9bc
MD5 (Pearl) 6d862845271a4bedf5c209b7dea30425


Stolen via intrusion into Nintendo's corporate intranet on or around March 13, 2018. Please do not link to this build; it is a first party Nintendo prototype which was obtained via illegitimate means.