Pokemon Ruby (German debug build)

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Title Screen
Pokemon Ruby (German debug build)
Build date May 9, 2003
Build name debug-Euro-2003-05-09-A
Dump status Released
Origin ROM
Files pokemon_ruby_german_final_d.bin
Game Pokemon Ruby
System Game Boy Advance
Genre Roleplaying
Final build JP Oct 13, 2002 16:31
EU May 9, 2003
US Oct 15, 2002 20:34
Release date JP Nov 21, 2002
US Mar 19, 2003
EU Jul 25, 2003

A debug version of the German final release of Pokemon Ruby for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • If running in an emulator, make sure the Save Type setting is set to Flash 128K.
  • Most of the debug menus are in German.
  • During any battle, press R + Select to win instantly.


File Type Date Size SHA-1
pokemon_ruby_german_final_d.bin File 2003-05-17 18:04:44 16 MB ca5e3d415c4b47353a73a616878ba833f3648b7a