Psycho Pinball (Prototype)

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Title Screen
Psycho Pinball (Prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Radar
Released by drx
Origin EPROM cart
Dump method EPROM Programmer
Game Psycho Pinball
System Sega Mega Drive
Genre Pinball
Release date {EU Nov 25, 1994
Download Psycho Pinball (Prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Psycho Pinball for the Sega Mega Drive.


  • No SEGA logo at start up.
  • The CodeMasters logo isn't animated and lacks the sound effect from the final game.
  • The game doesn't automatically select a language if you idle for too long as the language select screen.
  • It takes a little longer to get to the demos after sitting at the title screen.
  • The names on the top score tables are different.
  • The prototype displays a controller layout after the top score screen. This screen doesn't exist in the final game, and it isntead goes right into the demos.
  • The prototype starts off with a demo of the Wild West mini game whereas the final game starts with a demo of the Psycho pinball table.
  • The "START SINGLE TABLE GAME" on the game selection screen says "START GAME" in the prototype.
  • You can not pause the game in the prototype.
  • The prototype displays the name of the table at the top of the screen at the start of the game. In the final, a message was added to remind the player to launch the ball.
  • In the options screen, the Tilt Sensitivity setting uses "EASY/NORMAL/HARD" while the final uses "LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH".
  • In the options screen, the Number of Balls setting lists the difficulty alongside the number of balls in the prototype whereas the final just lists the number of balls.





Special thanks to Radar for this release!