Purble Place (Oct 28, 2005 16:54:38 prototype)

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Title Screen
Purble Place (Oct 28, 2005 16:54:38 prototype)
Build date Oct 4, 2005 19:56:00
Oct 28, 2005 16:54:38
Build name 0.4
Dump status Released, redump needed
Released by RBRT
File release date October 30, 2023
Game Purble Place
System PC
Genre Puzzle
Release date WW Jan 29, 2007

A very early prototype of Purble Place for PC, bundled with Windows Vista builds from 2005.


  • Game gives an appcrash everytime if you click on any place.
  • This build can run only using Virtual Machine with Windows XP.
  • PurblePlace.cab were compiled on Oct 4, but the PurblePlace.exe compiled 24 days after.
  • This video below does not record the October build, but the August one.