Rayman Arena (Mar 12, 2002 prototype)

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Title Screen
Rayman Arena (Mar 12, 2002 prototype)
Build date Mar 12, 2002
Dump status Released
Dumped by Pstrick1
Released by Pstrick1
Origin NR Disc
Dump method swiss
Game Rayman Arena
System Nintendo GameCube
Genre Party
Release date US Sep 24, 2002
Download Rayman Arena (Mar 12, 2002 prototype) (info)

A prototype of Rayman Arena for the Nintendo Gamecube.


  • Intro video is missing.
  • Main menu is different.
  • Loading screens are just random models from the disc.
  • Random DSI errors can occur.
  • The language menu doesn't change any settings, it will always remain English.
  • There is an additional menu that can test Memory Cards.