Shattered Steel (Jun 20, 1996 demo)

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Shattered Steel (Jun 20, 1996 demo)
Build date Jun 20, 1996 12:07:50
Dump status Released
Dumped by Blassster
Released by Blassster
Origin CD
Game Shattered Steel
System PC
Genre Simulation
Release date US Sep 30, 1996
EU 1996
Download Shattered Steel (Jun 20, 1996 demo) (info)

A small interactive preview build of Shattered Steel for the PC.


  • Before the game release, a playable "Interactive Preview" was sold in stores. This preview came with a cloudy-red "Interactive Preview" CD-Rom (DOS version) in a standard jewel case, a red manual with, on its front, a small Interplay advertisement "6$ OFF mail-in rebate..." and a promotional "coming this fall" Shattered Steel advertising the full version at $15.95, and a "Get Shattered" back cover with the game plot and screenshots. This demo was not rated at its release (Rating Pending "RP"). Some Interactive Preview discs were defective, rendering working copies very scarce for collectors and fans.