Shining Force III (Segakore 1997 prototype)

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Title Screen
Shining Force III (Segakore 1997 prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Unknown
Released by Knight0fDragon
Files FORCE31
Game Shining Force III
System Sega Saturn
Genre RTS
Download Shining Force III (Segakore 1997 prototype) (info)

This was ripped from the "Segakore Sega Bible Mogitate SegaSaturn. Soukangou 1997.11 (1997)(Sega)(JP)" disc. As it is not known if the other two demos contained in that are any different to final, this standalone ROM is being uploaded instead. It is essentially a full prototype underneath the hood.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Files indicate this build is roughly a week older than the TGS build Sept 10th, though the actual compilation disc was made in October.
  • By default, most of the game is locked away from the player. Using Action Replay code 3602623E 0001 will reenable the debug menu, though even THAT is in a somewhat sorry state compared to even the other demos.
  • As is expected from a prototype, most of it is very, very buggy. The game is very peculiar about where you need to be in order to load maps, and even then it's still liable to crash anyways.
  • Files from Scenario 2 and even 3 are present on this disc. Lending credence to the idea that the three games were at some point were suppose to be one.