Skies of Arcadia (Nov 15, 2000 prototype)

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Title Screen
Skies of Arcadia (Nov 15, 2000 prototype)
Build date November 15th, 2000 16:45:37
Build name PAL Beta Preview
Dump status Released
Dumped by ChrisCor @Jackhead_ASG
Released by Ares Arcadia
File release date March 26, 2020
Origin GD-ROMs
Labels Title. Skies of Arcadia Version. beta Preview Date. 30/11/00 Disc No. 1/2 (2/2 for Disc 2) Company. SoJ
Dump method GD Ripper
Ownership ChrisCor (Unknown - 10/06/2019), Ares Arcadia (10/06/2019 - present))
Game Skies of Arcadia
System Dreamcast
Genre Role-playing
Final build JP Aug 28, 2000
US Sep 18, 2000
EU Feb 19, 2001
Release date JP Oct 5, 2000
US Nov 13, 2000
EU Apr 27, 2001
Download Skies of Arcadia (Nov 15, 2000 prototype) (info)
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A PAL preview build of Skies of Arcadia with multiple debug menus and features.


  • Multiple debug menus are accessible.
  • Japanese text is improperly displayed.
  • The Spanish, French, and German translations are unfinished, filled in with the English translation where incomplete.
  • Currently Known Accessible Debug Menus:
    • Controller Port A:
      • Main Debug Menu: On the Start Screen, Hold L+R while selecting New Game or while selecting a saved file (On Disc 1, selecting the Home Page option or holding L+R while the title screen is loading also works). Allows you to go to a selected map, initiate a custom battle/ship battle, use a sound test mode, and edit current party/items/equipment and enable battle skipping.
      • Disable Collisions: Press L+R+Y. Does not work in Battle.
      • Battle Debug Menu 1: Hold L+R. Allows you to change the stats of party members and enemies.
    • Controller Port B:
      • Mouse Debug Menu: Use the control stick to control the cursor, B to right-click and A to left-click. Use to view Ninja info, textures, Dreamcast peripheral information, a performance monitor, and a debug window.
    • Controller Port C:
      • Camera Debug Menu: Hold X+Y. Does not work in battle. Use to adjust camera angle, position, zoom, etc. If used in a cutscene, it often won’t progress until the camera debug is turned off again.
      • Collision information menu: Press L+R+X to activate or deactivate. While active, pressing A will cycle through different hitbox and collision visualizations.
    • Controller Port D:
      • System Debug Menu: Press X. Does not work in battle. Pressing X cycles through a couple screens. The first four screens show different editable tables and values on the left side and a debug log on the right side, with most game actions printing something. The fifth screen shows current jobs and the sixth screen shows which MLDs are currently in use.
      • Battle Debug Menu 2: Press Start during battle. Has multiple functions and information displays.




Ares Arcadia, Taikocuya, ChrisCor @Jackhead_ASG

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