Skullmonkeys (Dec 16, 1997 prototype - Debug)

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Skullmonkeys (Dec 16, 1997 prototype - Debug)
Dump status Released
Dumped by MartinBiohazard
Released by MartinBiohazard
Origin Bootleg CD-R
Game Skullmonkeys
System PlayStation
Genre Action
Final build US Dec 22, 1997
Release date JP Aug 13, 1998
US Jan 31, 1998
EU Feb 20, 1998
Download Skullmonkeys (Dec 16, 1997 prototype - Debug) (info)

A late prototype of Skullmonkeys for the Sony PlayStation.


  • This dump originates from a bootleg copy of the game. However, it might've originated from a scene release that was mistaken for a final build.
  • Debug mode is enabled.
  • The main executable was compiled about three hours before the final retail's executable. However, the data blog file that stores most of the game's data was compiled a few days after in the retail version, whereas it was compiled on the 16th along with the executable on the same day.