Soccer Boy (sample)

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Title Screen
Soccer Boy (sample)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Revenant
Released by Revenant
File dump date April 8, 2024
File release date April 8, 2024
Origin EPROM cartridge
Labels サッカーボーイ サンプル CBS/SONY
Dump method TL866II
Game Soccer Boy
System Game Boy
Genre Sports
Release date JP Apr 27,1990
US 1992
Download Soccer Boy (sample) (info)
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A sample version of Soccer Boy (aka Soccer Mania) for the Game Boy.


  • The title screen is somewhat simplified compared to the final version.
  • There is no music or sound at all in this version.
  • At offset 0x04BF is the text "SORA O JIYU NI TOBITAI NA HIKOKI", a reference to the Doraemon theme song.