Soccer Life 2 (Jan 31, 2006 prototype)

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Title Screen
Soccer Life 2 (Jan 31, 2006 prototype)
Build date Jan 31, 2006 07:53
Dump status Released
Origin Used as padding inside the retail PS2 EU release (DUMMY.DAT).
Game Soccer Life 2
System PlayStation 2
Genre Sports
Final build EU May 24, 2006
JP May 7, 2005
Release date EU Jun 30, 2006
JP Jun 9, 2005
Download Soccer Life 2 (Jan 31, 2006 prototype) (info)

A PAL localization prototype of Soccer Life 2 for the Sony PlayStation 2.


  • Only the first 1048MB of this master disc image was used as padding. This only affects the DIMG0 folder, which goes completely unused due to it coincidentally also being padding.
  • The DIMG0 folder contains data from an unknown game, likely from the same developer.
  • This build was made early in the localization process. Many assets remain unchanged from their original Japanese versions.
  • Most of the text are in different fonts compared to the final PAL build.


SoccerLife2Jan31 1.png SoccerLife2Jan31 2.png SoccerLife2Jan31 3.png SoccerLife2Jan31 4.png SoccerLife2Jan31 5.png