Sonic Adventure Taikenban (Mar 2, 1999 build)

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Title Screen
Sonic Adventure Taikenban (Mar 2, 1999 build)
Build date Mar 2, 1999
Build name Taikenban
Dump status Released
Dumped by Orengefox
Released by Orengefox
Origin GD-ROM disc
Ownership Orengefox (2014-present)
Game Sonic Adventure
System Dreamcast
Genre Platform
Final build JP Dec 10, 1998
US Aug 12, 1999
EU Sep 9, 1999
Release date JP Dec 23, 1998
US Sep 9, 1999
EU Oct 14, 1999
Download Sonic Adventure Taikenban (Mar 2, 1999 build) (info)

A short playable demo made exclusively for Japan of Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Made a few months after the initial Japanese release.
  • The build seems to be loosely based on the initial Japanese release as it still contains all the files used in the original with slight alterations.
  • This build seems to have been made around the time when work on the International versions had just started.
  • The build contains level layout and other aesthetic changes to make the game overall much easier than the final (for instance, Chaos 0 dies in one hit, stage hazards in Emerald Coast have been removed, etc).
  • As Sonic, the game ends after the conclusion of the first Eggman boss battle.