Striker (prototype)

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Title Screen
Striker (prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Niiue
Released by Niiue
File release date February 27, 2019
Origin EPROM cartridge
Labels Striker SNES FD6B
Dump method Retrode 2
Ownership paulweeze71 (unknown-2019), Niiue (2019-present)
Game Striker
System SNES
Genre Sports
Release date JP Jul 16, 1993
US Dec 1, 1993
EU 1993
Download Striker (prototype) (info)

A prototype of Striker, the European version of World Soccer '94: Road to Glory for the SNES. For some reason, the prototype is NTSC.


  • In the prototype, the background depicting a photo of two soccer players is tinted a random color. In the final, it's always green.