Super Meat Boy (Sep 18, 2015 prototype)

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Super Meat Boy (Sep 18, 2015 prototype)
Build date Sep 18, 2015 18:51:39
Dump status Released
Dumped by ObscureGamers
Released by ObscureGamers
File release date May 3, 2023
Origin Internal QA Memory Card
Lot PlayStation Vita QA Build Lot
Game Super Meat Boy
System PlayStation Vita
Genre Action-Platformer
Release date WW Oct 6, 2015
Download Super Meat Boy (Sep 18, 2015 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Super Meat Boy for PlayStation Vita.


  • This build appears to be near final, if not final.
  • To work: "install the 3.600.011 PTEL Test Kit firmware PUP under safe mode, re-hack using Henkaku and enso ex or enso dex, and finally install the 0syscall6 plugin".
  • Original filename: Super Meat Boy (2015-09-18).7z


A huge thanks to Obscure Gamers and all who have contributed over the years to these Releases!

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