Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix (Satellaview)

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Title Screen
Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix (Satellaview)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Matthew Callis
Released by Matthew Callis
Origin Satellaview download
Game Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix
System Satellaview
Genre Puzzle
Release date JP March 8, 1996
Download Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix (Satellaview) (info)

Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix (which shall henceforth be referred to as "Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix (BS)" to disambiguate it from the standard release of the same name) is a downloadable Satellaview demo to promote the Super Famicom cartridge release of the same name.

While many Satellaview demos were simple final retail releases with DRM locks, Super Nazo Puyo Tsuu (BS) is modified from the original game for demonstration purposes. It features a single mode of play (other modes are shown, but locked out) wherein one can play a 4-player match, with either 1 or 2 players and 2 or 3 CPU opponents.

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