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Hi! i just want to report some possibile additional notes,because i tried the Prototype on real hardware (Premise:i own the PAL retail original game,and for this reason i've tested the Prototype and i own a PS2 SCPH-50004,with use of FCMB and ESR) and i noted this:

- It seems have lower resulution (to be confirmed,i don't know what is the exact resolution of the proto) respect PAL final version of the game,and it is much blurred respect the final game which looks very less blurred.

- It have possibly a bug (idk if due dumping or ESR or Proto itself):into loading the second race of the first Extra GP championship (Level Easy,the car was the Fiaro) the game hangs on "Now Loading" and it's impossible continue without reset the game.

- The Memory Card Save title game is in Japanese (maybe this Prototype is a Localization Prototype?)

If confirmed,very happy to contribute with those informations.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT:Applied corrections.