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We were looking through the dev disc files for a bit and noticed a file called GDCN1195.BIN.cpgz. I recognized this file format as the result of a failed extraction on Mac OS and decided to try and see if there was a way to recover it. Turns out it's easy to extract cpgz files using unar on Linux (specifically Ubuntu). The file seemed to extract just fine and worked perfectly well in an emulator. We checked the sha1 hash against those of other files in the dev disc and it didn't match any of the others, meaning it's a unique build. Yes, we also checked DANTO.BIN.cpgz. It's just a copy of DANTO.BIN, same hash. Unfortunately we can't get the exact date and time that it was compiled because the person who released it was using Mac OS and that messed with it for some reason. But we can estimate that because the other files are from October 25th, 1995 to November 8th, 1995, with the GDCN1195 files being from November 2nd, 1995, it was likely from that date. Seems to be the first localization test of the Sega Channel Game Guide. sha1 hash is d9490e30a461fbf25a2f1f04c526477c4ac12b7e Here's a copy of the file. ~Chara of Arctic Circle System (talk) 15:09, August 31, 2021 (EDT)