The Incredible Shrinking Character Demo

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The Incredible Shrinking Character Demo
Dump status Released
Dumped by Bill Narum
Released by Bill Narum
Game The Incredible Shrinking Character
System PC
Genre Adventure
Release date Unreleased
Download The Incredible Shrinking Character Demo (info)

A small limited demo of The Incredible Shrinking Character for the PC.


  • This demo has been trimmed down from the actual game build...Level 8 begins with your character having jumped from a mouse hole into an opening in the back of one of the doctor's radio devices...Do not turn back as you will fall from the table to your death ...
  • Light a match ("M" key) and continue onward into the laboratory (press the right mouse button to move forward, hold the "shift" key to run, "ctrl" to back-up, "space bar" to jump)...You will find more matches somewhere in the doctor's lab...
  • Be warned you will also encounter an angry lizard which will begin to pursue you once he is disturbed - hitting him with a match (press the left mouse button) will get his attention, the more times he is hit the more intimidated he becomes...Visiting the brain in the jar is entertaining but be careful, it takes skill and accurate timing to jump back out...To exit or pause the demo use "F10" key...
  • There are some known bugs in this version which will be corrected in future releases, if the demo fails to run use "alt, ctrl, delete" to escape...The demo will run full screen or in a window, press "enter" plus "alt" keys to toggle between screens and the "[" or "]" keys to change resolution.
  • This demo is a very scaled down version of the game which has been simplified to facilitate game play since this level would be too difficult to play without the experience gained in the previous 7 levels...Your character will not die or receive damage in this version...In the actual game you will be able to play either a male or female character and can choose between first and third person point of view...We will be updating the demo to include the characters soon...Also look forward to continual updates to the game play plus inclusion of 3D sound and special effects which will be forth coming..

  • You will need to have the ISCG demo loaded to play SUBMISSION - unzip the SUBMISSION demo, replace the "GOGODEMO.SS" file and the "SLAMLOGO.BMP" file in your "GOGODEMO" folder, add the two ".dmt" files to the "gogotext" folder. Controls are the same as for I.S.C.G., however, you can also elevate the sub with the Tab key.