The Jungle Book (WCES 1994 prototype)

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Title Screen
The Jungle Book (WCES 1994 prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by drx
Released by drx
File release date May 5, 2019
Origin EPROM cartridge
Lot German lot
Labels Jungle EV/OD1 O 113.1 GEN
Dump method Retrode
Ownership Anonymous (?-2009), drx (2009-present)
Game The Jungle Book
System Sega Mega Drive
Genre Action
Final build EU Jul 1994
US Jul 1994
Download The Jungle Book (WCES 1994 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of The Jungle Book for the Sega Mega Drive.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • General Differences
    • This prototype was featured at the Winter Consumer Electronic Show (WCES) in 1994, which was open to the public from January 6th to January 9th of that year.
    • The ROM is 1Mbyte in size, whereas the final is 2MBytes in size.
    • PAL prototype. The game can be forced to play in NTSC mode, however.
    • The prototype has a special region lock screen that flashes red when triggered, with a message programmed that reads "MOWGLI SAYS YOU ARE IN THE WRONG COUNTRY SORRY!". In the final, the game formally tells you that the cartridge was manufactured to work in certain regions.
    • Upon starting the game, the debugging menu is loaded up for one frame before immediately being cleared for the SEGA logo. There is currently no known way to have the debug menu to stay loaded.
    • In the final, there's a spring bounce sound effect that plays when Kaa moves up at the SEGA logo. No sound effect plays in the prototype.
    • There is no text only copyright/trademark screen in the prototype. The prototype doesn't play "Intro Tune" either.
    • The Virgin Interactive logo is different in the prototype, utilizing a VDP effect while the final uses a static logo.
    • The intro cutscene doesn't exist in the prototype.
    • The prototype has a special Walt Disney logo screen that features Kaa and Mowgli that doesn't exist in the final.
    • The title screen lacks an options/sound test menu, but it does seem that the game has one programmed.
    • The title screen offers a level select that allows you to play every level in the game except for stage 2. Stage 2 is not available at all in the prototype.
    • The title screen is missing company copyrights in the prototype, instead only saying "DEVELOPED BY EUROCOM WINTER CES DEMO".
    • The prototype lacks the storybook level title cards and instead uses a basic card that uses the same background as the title screen instead.
    • No storybook cutscenes are present in the prototype, although it appears that development has started on them as there is some related text inside the ROM.
  • Gameplay Differences
    • Each level has significant layout differences.
    • The HUD is completely different in the prototype. Mowgli's life icon and counter are different and is displayed on the lower left corner of the screen instead of the upper right. The prototype doesn't keep track of the amount of bananas that Mowgli carries and seems to be unlimited in the prototype. The prototype doesn't have a radar. The icon for the gems is different and is located in the lower right hand corner of the screen instead of the upper right hand corner. The timer uses a different icon and is positioned at the top middle of the screen where it's in the bottom middle in the final. Finally, Mowgli's health meter is a long snake in the prototype where it slowly erases part of the icon that's used for his life count.
    • The only two songs that seem to be present in the prototype are "Bare Necessities (Rag)" (used for the title screen) and Bare Necessities (for in levels). The Bare Necessities track that's used in each level uses slightly different instrumentation in comparison to the version used in the final game.
    • There are no bosses in this version of the game yet.
    • Most of the sound effects are not present in the prototype. For instance, Mowgli has no voice samples yet and collecting gems plays a shrill FM sound effect instead.
    • The cobras and flying birds have palette issues in the prototype.
    • The prototype lacks the warthog enemies that are present in the final. Instead, the prototype features rolling armadillos.
    • The goal of each level in the prototype is to collect gem stones. For instance, the first level can only be completed by collecting the gem stones as Bagheera is completely absent from the level in the prototype.
    • Hathi, Jr. uses a brown color palette in the prototype, whereas the final uses a slighty grayer palette instead.
    • The death screen that involves Mowgli being carried out in a stretcher is absent in the prototype.
    • In the prototype, every level ends with a bird carrying Mowgli away.
    • The score tally at the end of each level is different in the prototype. In the prototype, the bird that carrys Mowgli away will drop down the individual items that add to your score. The screen this occurs seems to only display properly for the first level, as every level after that is slightly corrupt.
    • The artwork for the Elephants in "The Dawn Patrol" are slightly different. For instance, their eyes are open in the prototype whereas they are closed in the final.
    • "The River" uses a slightly darker color palette in the final, whereas the prototype uses the same palette that's used in "Jungle By Day".
    • In the prototype, the parallax scrolling effect used for the river itself appears to be slightly corrupt.
    • In the prototype, the tiles that make up some of the huts in the "The Village" stage can become corrupt.
    • "Baloo and the River" lacks Baloo, so the stage cannot be completed.
    • "Falling Ruins" uses floating platforms that move left and right. In the final, the platforms are all static, making the stage much easier.
    • It appears that "Falling Ruins" and "Jungle By Night" cannot be completed normally.
    • The final stage appears to be completely absent.
    • This game has no staff/ending credits sequence.