Tomb Raider: Underworld (Oct 3, 2008 prototype)

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Tomb Raider: Underworld (Oct 3, 2008 prototype)
Build date Oct 3, 2008
Dump status Released
Dumped by Gh0stBlade
Released by CVLT OF OSIRIS
File release date August 18, 2023
Origin DVD-R
Game Tomb Raider: Underworld
System PlayStation 3
Genre Action Adventure
Release date US Nov 18, 2008
AU Dec 4, 2008
EU Nov 21, 2008
Download Tomb Raider: Underworld (Oct 3, 2008 prototype) (info)
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A prototype/prerelease build of Tomb Raider: Underworld for the PlayStation 3 from 2008-10-03 (about six weeks before the game was first released).


  • This is a review build of the game.
  • Debugging features have been disabled.
  • This prototype was found on a BD-R or DVD-R. The disc image is presented as a 1:1 copy for accurate historical preservation, which means it is encrypted with the default keys for PlayStation 3 prototypes. The ISO in this release can be burned to a physical disc, and it will boot on a PS3 Test. This is the only guaranteed way to run this release, because it's the only one we've tried ourselves.
  • Decrypting the ISO may be necessary to run the prototype on a system other than a PS3 Test. Because it is encrypted with the default keys, to decrypt the ISO, use the Decrypt function in the ps3chk.exe utility which is included in the PS3 Generator Tools collection. No IRD file is required.


Thanks to Gh0stBlade for preserving and sharing this rare artifact of gaming history!

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