Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (Multiplayer Europe Beta)

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Title Screen
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (Multiplayer Europe Beta)
Dump status Released
Origin PSN
Game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
System PlayStation 3
Genre Action-adventure, third-person shooter
Final build EU Oct 2, 2011
US Oct 1, 2011
Release date NA Nov 1, 2011
EU Nov 2, 2011
AU Nov 3, 2011
Download Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (Multiplayer Europe Beta) (info)
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A Multiplayer Beta Build of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception for the Playstation 3.


  • Contains two .pkg where one is the game and the other is the patch data (1.04).
  • The servers for this build were closed a long time ago, however, through rpcs3 patches (which must be activated) it is possible to go from the menu and play in lan.
  • The rollout for the builds was in stages. For instance, co-op was only playable for a few days, featuring the Syria map in its entirety. That was both traditional co-op wave-based combat and the cinematic three-player co-op story mode.
  • The UI was a fair bit more spartan and clean in design - they only added the more in your face elements when the game's competitive multiplayer went F2P.
  • There was some customization available, but limited, focusing on customizable thugs and a handful of variants of the main cast from the game, particularly Drake.
  • The M9 was blatantly overpowered, even in the Subway multiplayer event. The G-MAL could sometimes beat it in a fight, but if you had an AK-47 going up against the M9, you might as well just shoot yourself to save your opponent the trouble. This was a general issue with Uncharted 3's multiplayer. They introduced Kickbacks as these sorts of mini-killstreaks like in Call of Duty, except it's very clear Naughty Dog had no idea how to balance them. There were also perks for both performing well or dying several times, but the latter were usually nowhere near as game-changing as a high level player's Kickbacks and M9.
  • Certain stages, like Airstrip and the London Underground, would have a cinematic opening stage with dynamic elements, but this was always followed with a far more static stage thereafter.
  • While the melee system was massively retooled - it used to magnetically pull you towards an opponent, like in the singleplayer, styled after the Arkham games - neither the frankly stiff as hell aiming system or awkwardly imbalanced maps ever received substantial tweaks. 's not clear if it was because of the more competitive angle they took with UC3 (UC2's multiplayer was more of a proof of concept), but they severely limited the auto-aim, and increased the raw sensitivity of your analog stick. So you either lowered the sensitivity substantially and over-pressed your analog stick, or you realllly tried to minimize your movements. Patches to the final release tried to address this, but it's notable even in the campaign - the only version where this isn't an issue is the Nathan Drake Collection, which retooled the aiming for all three campaigns to meet modern standards.
  • Apparently all gamemodes are available in this build but are only accessible through modifications.
  • Maps remained relatively unchanged.

To Do: Check if there are dlcs for this build and find out its build date. Currently patches 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03 are lost (and maybe I was forever), if you have them don't hesitate to add them to the .zip.




Thanks to UnabridgedGamer and FlexBy for the information provided.

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