Vectorman 2 (Early prototype)

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Title Screen
Vectorman 2 (Early prototype)
Dump status Released
Game Vectorman 2
System Sega Mega Drive
Genre Action Platformer
Release date US 1996
Download Vectorman 2 (Early prototype) (info)
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This particular prototype predates the builds of the Sega ROM Archive. It's 1 MB smaller than the final game due to a lack of cutscenes.


  • Selecting 'Options' sends the player straight to the level select.
  • The Invaders bonus round is not implemented yet.
  • When the game is not paused, pressing X in-game sends the player back to the title screen.
  • The only unique music track at this point is Reclamation, which doesn't even play in the sound test. All other music is lifted straight from the original game.
  • No less than five test levels, but only Ron's would make it into the final game.
  • Several unfinished levels, using the tilesets normally used for test levels.
  • The cheat codes are mostly the same as the original Vectorman.


Vectorman 2 Early - Unfinished Volcano Level.png Vectorman 2 Early- Quicksilver Lake.png


File Type Size SHA-1
Vectorman 2 (U) (Prototype) [!].bin Sega Mega Drive ROM Image 2 MB c4f8490d87d22bb11f7e9b82a4a72913b3d84d06