White Fear (Apr 5, 2002 prototype)

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White Fear (Apr 5, 2002 prototype)
Build date May 4, 2002
Dump status Released
Released by CVLT OF OSIRIS
File release date February 13, 2019
Origin CD-R
Dump method DiscImageCreator
Game White Fear
System PlayStation 2
Genre Adventure
Release date Unreleased
Download White Fear (Apr 5, 2002 prototype) (info)

A prototype build of the unreleased PlayStation 2 title White Fear (AKA Inuits) from 2002-04-05.


  • This is a very early, incomplete build of the game.
  • There is no sound.
  • The player has unlimited magical power.
  • The Ice World is mostly complete, with 17 playable sections populated with enemies, items, and puzzles:
    • W1L1S01, W1L1S02, W1L1S03, W1L1S04, W1L1S06, W1L1S07, W1L1S09, W1L1S11, W1L1S12, W1L1S14, W1L1S15, W1L1S16, W1L1S17, W1L2S05, W1L2S08, W1L2S10, and W1L2S13
  • The other worlds each only have one or two sections, and the environments in them are unpopulated and not interactive.
    • Volcano World: W2L2S13
    • Jungle World: W3L1S06, and W3L1S08
    • Village World: W5L1S01
  • There are references and assets in the WFEAR.INU file and the game binary to 50 additional sections, but attempting to load them results in a black screen or a crash:
    • Unknown (test areas?): W0L0S0, W0L0S1, W0L0S2, W0L0S3
    • Ice World: W1L1S05, W1L1S08, W1L1S10, and W1L1S13
    • Volcano World: W2L1S01, W2L1S02, W2L1S04, W2L1S05, W2L1S06, W2L1S07, W2L1S08, W2L1S09, W2L1S10, W2L2S03, W2L2S11, W2L2S12, W2L2S14, W2L2S15, W2L2S16, W2L2S17, W2L2S18, W2L2S19, W2L2S20, W2L2S21, W2L2S22, W2L2S23, W2L2S24, W2L2S25
    • Jungle World: W3L1S07, W3L1S09, W3L1S10, W3L1S11, W3L1S12, W3L1S13, W3L1S14, W3L1S15, W3L1S16, W3L1S17, W3L1S18, W3L1S19, W3L1S20, W3L1S21, W3L1S22, W3L1S23, W3L1S24, W3L1S25, W3L1S26, W3L2S27

Controller 1:

  • Move: Left analog stick
  • Attack/action: Cross
  • Contextual action (move through doors, up stairs, etc.): Square
  • Block: R1
  • Moon magic (temporarily freeze enemies): D-pad down (hold)
  • Bear magic (attack): D-pad left (hold)
  • Lava magic (temporarily add fireball attack to staff): D-pad right (hold)
  • Waterfall magic (restore health): D-pad up (hold)
  • Inventory: Select
  • Reset game: Start

Controller 2:

  • Follow camera (normal): R1
  • Debug camera: R2
  • In debug camera mode:
    • Forward/back, strafe: D-pad
    • Pan: Right analog stick
    • Up/down: L1/L2



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