Wolfenstein: The New Order (Aug 29, 2012 prototype)

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Title Screen
Wolfenstein: The New Order (Aug 29, 2012 prototype)
Build date August 29, 2012
Dump status Released
Dumped by Decimator Omega
Released by kabojnk
File dump date April 9, 2024
File release date April 11, 2024
Origin Xbox 360 XNA Development Kit
Game Wolfenstein: The New Order
System Xbox 360
Genre Action/FPS
Final build April 16, 2014
Release date May 20, 2014
Download Wolfenstein: The New Order (Aug 29, 2012 prototype) (info)
Error: The download file provided does not exist, please upload it or fix the file name if it's incorrect.

An early prototype of Wolfenstein: The New Order dated August 29, 2012 (WIP named "The New World") for Xbox 360.


  • The build only includes Chapter 4 - as it seems the build was made just to test this chapter. You must start the chapter from the debug menu (hold Back and press Start), as most of the menu options are not implemented yet.
  • Note that early videos are present in the build for all chapters though and can be viewed with a compatible video player such as VLC.
  • Being in an early state, the game also has many issues that you may need the Dev Menu tools to get around such as no-clipping through certain obstacles to proceed in the level, or enabling god mode to not die from enemies shooting you through walls/collision. There are many differences vs retail, the game/chapter is in a very unfinished state.
  • The tungsten.exe file is an Xbox 360 executable and will run on an Xbox 360 DevKit and get in game. The tungsten.xex file is also an Xbox 360 executable and will also boot and access the main menu, but as it was compiled almost a couple weeks later (September 10, 2012), it does not actually get in game and will crash shortly after the cut scene starts.
  • The tungsten.exe was defragmented so it would work, therefore the tungsten.orig.exe file is just the originally recovered tungsten.exe that ended up being fragmented. It was left in there in case anyone wanted to see the difference between the originally recovered exe vs the fixed exe.
  • The Dev Menu is accessible in game by holding the Back button then pressing Start.
  • The DevGUI is accessible by typing the following in the console: devGui 1 or devGui 2. You will need a USB keyboard attached to your devkit to use the console.
  • Currently as of April 13, 2024 this build will not run in Xenia (guest crash) and Xenia Canary hangs at a black screen.



  • Decimator Omega dumped the devkit hard drive.
  • kabojnk recovered the files from the image provided and uploaded them for release.
  • Anonymous defragmented the exe so it would work.