EarthBound (prototype)

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Title Screen
EarthBound (prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Demiforce
Released by Mariotti
Origin Cartridge
Game EarthBound
System NES
Genre RPG
Release date JP Jul 27, 1989
US Unreleased
Download EarthBound (prototype) (info)
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This prototype of the unreleased English translation of MOTHER was discovered in 1998.


  • Alternatively known as EarthBound Zero.
  • The localization was fully completed and ready to ship, but was said to have been shelved due to the marketing department having no faith in the game.
  • Re-released on the Wii U Virtual Console as EarthBound Beginnings.
  • The changes carry over to MOTHER 1+2 in order to earn an A rating.

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