Holiday 2019

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Happy Holidays everyone!

Santa came in the middle of the night and dropped a few goodies around the Christmas tree! To keep in the spirit of the holiday season, we'd like to share our holiday gifts with you! We'll be releasing one or more prototypes for various systems every day for you to enjoy. I wonder what surprises Santa brought this year?

Some of these prototypes are just too good for a simple article, and so we'll be doing a few streams on Twitch up until New Years day for some of these games before release so you can join in on the fun. Since we are in the holiday season, streaming and release times could possibly change. So stay tuned on our Twitter feed and Discord to stay up to date for when the latest stream occurs. Be sure to check in daily on our social media to make sure you don't miss it. Be sure to tell your friends!

December 25 2019

Akira (Prototype).2019-12-20 17.19.44.png

Akira (Prototype)

December 26 2019

World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck (Prototype B).2019-12-22 12.14.45.png
Primal Rage (Prototype).2019-12-22 12.01.23.png
College Football USA 96 (Jun 21, 1995 prototype).2019-12-22 12.09.31.png
Granada (REV01 prototype).2019-12-22 12.03.24.png
Australian Rugby League (Prototype).2019-12-22 12.12.27.png

World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck (Prototype B)
Primal Rage (Prototype)
College Football USA 96 (Jun 21, 1995 prototype)
Granada (REV01 prototype)
Australian Rugby League (Prototype)

December 27 2019

GT 64 - Championship Edition (May 25, 1998 prototype).2019-12-27 15.10.17.png
Robotech - Crystal Dreams (Prototype).2019-12-22 12.30.56.png

Robotech: Crystal Dreams (Prototype)
GT 64: Championship Edition (May 25, 1998 prototype)

December 28 2019

Superman - Battle for Metropolis (Jan 12, 2001 prototype).2019-12-22 11.55.10.png

Superman: Battle for Metropolis (Jan 12, 2001 prototype)

December 29 2019
Coming soon!

December 30 2019
Coming soon!

December 31 2019
Coming soon!

January 1 2020
Coming soon!
(Stream - TBD)

Come join our Discord for the celebration!

We'd like to thank everyone who shared their gifts with us for this occasion! ❤️ If you have something you’d like to share with everyone within this date range, we’ll be more than happy to put it under the tree. Just shoot us an email.