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|game=Hot Wheels: World Race
|game=Hot Wheels: World Race
|final_builddate=November 19, 2003
|release_date=October 29, 2003
|release_date=October 29, 2003

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A debug prototype of Hot Wheels: World Race for the PC.

Title Screen
Hot Wheels: World Race (May 12, 2003 prototype)
Build date May 12, 2003 at 14:08:37
Build name DEV (Debug)
Dump status Released
Dumped by AnonymousGlitchedbloodZiimbiian
Released by GlitchedbloodNikoZiimbiian
File release date May 3, 2021
Origin possibly a CD-R from Climax's offices
Labels hotwheelsPC
Ownership Climax Brighton employees (2003-2019), Anonymous (2019-2020), Ziimbiian, Niko and Glitchedblood (2020-Present)
Game Hot Wheels: World Race
System PC
Final build November 19, 2003
Release date October 29, 2003
Download Hot Wheels: World Race (May 12, 2003 prototype) (info)
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The Cutting Room Floor research

  • In order to make it work, select the hotwheelsD2 application to start it up. When prompted, use the "P" key to access the menus. Other executables exist such as hotwheelsD and hotwheelsDX, but won’t start up due to BOG and dust particle errors.
  • Uses the unused "Boy_Band.BOG" image for the title screen.
  • There are only 15 cars and 10 tracks, similar to the Game Boy Advance version.
  • Car selection screen is 3D models of the cars spinning instead of a video of the cars driving on a track.
  • There is no sound or music in this build, but information in the music.xml file states that some levels have the Wave Rippers and Scorchers theme as a placeholder.
  • Options are limited to only one menu and that's Quick Race.
  • The game's name in this build was originally had the full title Hot Wheels: Highway 35 - World Race, but the word Highway 35 in the game's name was removed before release. Other early builds have this name as well.
  • Most of the BOG graphics and menu styles were taken from previous builds, like the currently undumped March 31, 2003 prototype.
  • Final build date unknown at the moment.
  • Despite being a PC build, it has PlayStation 2 buttons, because initial development of the PS2 version began on Windows.
  • There's a frame rate counter at the bottom of the screen. The frame rate varies between computers.
  • Stale tricks in this build are called "Tired".
  • Egyptian Dunes has a boost pad near the first split turn that was removed in the final game.
  • Egyptian Dunes has tall pillars near the stunt ramp. These were replaced by generic floating pyramids in the final build.
  • This is the first known build to have unlockable paths.
  • Locked paths can be unlocked using a Red Ring, instead of the final game’s Flame Wheel.
  • Some unlocked paths with stunt ramps forcibly make the player use Nitrox, when in the final game, they can use Nitrox whenever.
  • There are references to the Cloud and Space tracks, but they are only placeholders.
  • At this point of development, Challenge Mode hasn’t been implemented in yet.
  • To unlock the other vehicles, you must manually edit the pointers in the "car_info.xml" file to “false".
  • To access more menu features, you must manually swap the "frontend" and "frontend_E3" xml files.
  • Controls are specified in a readme text file, but there are some controls not mentioned: The 9 key pauses the game, the spacebar applies the handbrake, and the K key flips the car forward off stunt ramps.
  • The graphics on the cars are inconsistent between computers. On some computers they are rendered with no textures and transparency issues throughout gameplay, while on some old computers the graphics are properly rendered on the cars.
  • The graphics on the cars have an early Highway 35 logo, a leftover from earlier builds. A couple of the early graphics can be seen in the final game, on some car preview videos.
  • Graphics for the boost coming out of the tires are more exaggerated than the final game, earlier builds had this feature as well.
  • When the race is finished, you can enter your name, but it restarts the race afterwards.
  • Mist Mountain seems to be finalized at this point of development.
  • In Mist Mountain, some debug text appears when doing stunts. The text says "OUTSIDE CAMERA BOX".
  • The track names still use numbers instead of unique names. The early name for Mist Mountain is still in the files, and can be restored using some hex editing.
  • Only Mist Mountain and Egyptian Dunes can be selected. Other tracks crash the game entirely.
  • Upon bootup in the E3 menu, you will be prompted to choose your language. When selected, the title screen has the "Boy_Band.bog" image stretched and the text at the bottom of the screen doesn't pulsate. Regardless of what language you choose, it will remain in English, because the localization was at its infancy during this point of development.
  • The gallery is incomplete, instead of showing a camera, it shows the car icons.
  • The credits are not implemented, although the menu option for it exists.
  • Even though this build has no sound effects, you can turn the volume slider from 0 to 9 in its respective menu settings.
  • This build removes the respawn button.
  • Controller vibration does nothing.
  • Screen size options does nothing except for showing a border where the screen goes.
  • Loading and saving games does not work.
  • You can change your controls from three sets, although they have no effect in gameplay.
  • The difficulty is always set to Hard, regardless if you change it to Easy.
  • Cheats exist as a separate menu option instead of button combinations. The menu doesn't function.
  • Selecting 1/4 Mile Coupe crashes the game, for an unknown reason.



  • Special thanks to Ziimbian for dumping this build, thanks to Glitchedblood for doing the initial and internal research, and a huge thanks to Niko for fixing errors in the build!