Made Man (May 11, 2004 E3 Prototype)

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Title Screen
Made Man (May 11, 2004 E3 Prototype)
Build date May 11, 2004
Dump status Released
Dumped by Borman
Released by Borman
Origin Xbox HDD
Game Made Man
System Xbox
Genre Action
Release date Unreleased
Download Made Man (May 11, 2004 E3 Prototype) (info)
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An E3 demo of the unreleased Xbox port of Made Man.

Demo still contains debug menus and maps but no debug functions or reports to xbWatson.


The main menu lets you pick between "cigarette tax scam" and "the FBI" demo missions and a intro cutscene, this cutscene plays when the game is left idle at the main menu.

Both missions seems to work fine for the most part other then the collision is a little rough and there appears to be no way to quit out of a level but if you complete a level then you will get those info screens and if you leave it idle on those then you will go back to the main menu, however as far as i'm aware the cigarette tax scam mission is the only one that can be completed in this build.

If you press the wight button on the start screen that will open up a hidden map select screen, See Borman's video listed below for more on this map select screen. this will let you select any of the 20 available missions and 3 extra test maps in this build. Maps 05, 06, 10, 16, 17, 18 will crash the xbox. Map 19 sorta works but doesn't spawn in a player so you can't walk around. Map 23 and the research test map don't load anything just the skybox. All the other maps seem to work fine out side of the janky collision.

Controls are a little weird as you shoot with the right thumpstick like in a twin stick shooter and rotate the camera with the black and wight buttons. Dpad will let you change weapons. Right trigger lets you crouch but you can also do this weird lunge thing if you run ford and hit the right trigger.