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|Page name=Pokémon Gold (Spaceworld 1997 Demo)
|Page name=Pokémon Gold (Spaceworld 1997 Demo)
|titlescreen=Pokémon Gold - Spaceworld 1997 Demo-title.PNG ‎
|titlescreen=Pokémon Gold - Spaceworld 1997 Demo-title.PNG ‎
|builddate=Nove 15, 1997
|builddate=Nov 15, 1997

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Title Screen
Pokémon Gold (Spaceworld 1997 Demo)
Build date Nov 15, 1997
Dump status Released
Dumped by Unknown
Released by Unknown
Origin Unknown
Game Pokémon Gold
System Game Boy
Genre RPG
Release date JP November 21, 1999
AUS October 13, 2000
US October 13, 2000
EU April 6, 2001

Pokémon Gold was briefly demoed at Spaceworld 1997 and is notable for showing the game in an early state prior to a complete redesign. At this point in development, much of the world map outside of the cities is unfinished and the new 100 Pokémon are under development.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Only Chikorita survived the axe. The other two Starter Pokémon were redesigned.
  • Several dozen others were placed in different slots or redesigned entirely.
  • No new tunes have been composed yet, so it re-uses those from Pokémon Red and Blue.
  • Completely different title screen and SGB border.


Thanks to Sanqui, GlitterBerri, Obskyr, Orchid (from HelixChamber), rufus10, IIMarckus, Pokeglitch, 2Tie, Catstorm (from HelixChamber), and countless others for documenting this prototype and helping with its release.