Postal III (Aug 16, 2010 prototype)

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Title Screen
Postal III (Aug 16, 2010 prototype)
Build date Aug 16, 2010
Dump status Released
Dumped by nick_senator
Released by MrPinball64
File release date April 1, 2024
Origin XBOX 360 Development Kit
Game Postal III
System Xbox 360
Genre Third person shooter
Release date Unreleased
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Download Postal III (Aug 16, 2010 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of the unreleased Postal III for the Xbox 360.


  • This prototype is very similar, if not identical, to the one demonstrated at Gamescom 2010.
  • Warning: The data recovery for this prototype is not yet complete. 3 BIK files and 2 BSP files are still corrupted, and as such, it will crash the game when loaded.



Big thanks to MrPinball64, Dink, Kizoky and Tristan885 for recovering the data for this build!