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Project Eclipse was a release that took place on September 17th, 2022. It was led by Hwd45, and contained contributions from Hwd45, mementomori, and anonymous figures. The release contained a variety of builds from a handful of PlayStation and PC games, as well as a selection of press asset discs.


System Build Label Build Date Disc
PlayStation Akuji: The Heartless (Nov 11, 1998 prototype) REVIEWABLE CODE AKUJI PAL (with Demo) Final NTSC 8/1/99 1998-11-11 AkujiReviewable.png
PC Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (Jul 10, 1997 prototype) ACTIVISION BLOOD OMEN: LEGACY OF KAIN 1997-07-10 BloodOmenPreviewPC.png
PlayStation Dino Crisis (Aug 3, 1999 prototype) PREVIEW DEMO DINO CRISIS 1999-08-03 DinoCrisisPreviewDemo.png
PlayStation Gran Turismo (Jul 29, 1997 prototype) GRAN TURISMO NTSC DEMO 1997-07-27 20220910 211356.jpg
PC Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia (Feb 16, 1999 prototype) HEROES 3 Review 1999-02-16 Heroes3Review.png
PlayStation MediEvil (Sep 7, 1997 prototype) Medievil PAL V.1 1997-09-07 MedievilPalV1.png
PlayStation MediEvil II (Feb 28, 2000 prototype) MEDIEVIL 2 PX-962 2000-02-28 Me2Bootleg.png
PC Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor (Mar 24, 1999 prototype) MM7 Preview Disk 1 / 2 1999-03-24 MM7PreviewDisc1.png
PC Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor (May 27, 1999 prototype) Might & Magic VII 5/28/99 Disk 1 Reviewer 1999-05-27 MM7ReviewDisc1.png
PC Shadow Vault (Mar 29, 2004 prototype) PRE = SHADOW VAULT = DEMO + DOCUMENTS MAYHEM STUDIOS 2004 2004-03-29 SV DemoDocs.png
PlayStation Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (Sep 15, 1999 prototype) SPYRO 2 GATEWAY TO GLIMMER Review Version PAL 1999-09-15 Spyro2-Sep15Disc.png
PC Thief II: The Metal Age (Nov 4, 1999 prototype) THIEF 2 16/12/99 INTERNAL USE ONLY NOT TO GO OUT 1999-11-04 Thief2novbuild.png

Press Asset Discs

Disc Year Disc
3DO ECTS 1999 Digital Press Kit 1999 3DOECTS99.png
BLOOD Digital Press Kit 1997 BloodDigitalPres.png
DEUS EX 3-7-00 2000 DeusExPress.png
Kalisto Press CD Apr 98 1998 KalistoPressCDApr98.png
Might & Magic Assets CD May 2000 2000 MMPresskit.png
Might & Magic VIII Campaign (8.6.2000) 2000 MM8Campaign2000.png
Sony E3 2000 Press Disc - PS1 | PS2 2000 E3-2000-PS1-Press.png
SOUL REAVER AVI Intro Disc 1999 SR AviIintro.png
Ubisoft Pics (1997) Asset Disc 1997 UbiPresskit.png


A few builds were found to match existing ones.

System Build Label Build Date Notes Disc Title
PlayStation Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Jul 13, 1999 prototype) 13/7/99 SOUL REAVER DEMO WITH FMV PSX PAL BOOTABLE PAL 1999-07-13 Matches the European standalone demo. Contributed by Anonymous. SR Demo.png KAIN2DemoJuly13.png
PlayStation Nightmare Creatures (Sep 17, 1997 prototype) NIGHTMARE CREATURES PAL V2 REVIEWABLE 1997-09-17 Matches the final PAL build. Contributed by Anonymous. NC PalV2Reviewable.png NCv2reviewable title.png
PlayStation Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (Aug 11, 1999 prototype) SPYRO 2: GATEWAY TO GLIMMER - SECOND PREVIEW Preview Version PAL 1999-08-11 Matches the released August prototype, aside from some changes to metadata between files. Has been uploaded separately to the Internet Archive. Contributed by Hwd45. Spyro2SCEEPrev2Disc.png Spyro2-Aug11-0.png