The Godfather (Feb 5, 2006 Prototype)

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Title Screen
The Godfather (Feb 5, 2006 Prototype)
Build date Feb 5, 2006 15:27:14
Dump status Released
Dumped by Edward2452
Released by Edward2452
File release date June 30, 2020
Origin XDK Hard Drive
Game The Godfather
System Xbox
Genre Action
Final build EU Feb 7, 2006
US Feb 5, 2006
Release date US Mar 21, 2006
EU Mar 24, 2006
Download The Godfather (Feb 5, 2006 Prototype) (info)


This is a debug enabled final build.
The debug menu can be accessed by pressing Left+Start.
It is recommended to use ears_godfather_r.xbe as this build does not come with cmd.txt.


GodfatherFebruary5 1.png GodfatherFebruary5 2.png GodfatherFebruary5 3.png