The Godfather (Jan 26, 2006 Prototype)

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Title Screen
The Godfather (Jan 26, 2006 Prototype)
Build date Jan 26, 2006 20:34:25
Dump status Released
Dumped by stuntpenguin
Released by stuntpenguin
File release date February 16, 2016
Origin XDK Hard Drive
Game The Godfather
System Xbox
Genre Action
Final build EU Feb 7, 2006
US Feb 5, 2006
Release date US Mar 21, 2006
EU Mar 24, 2006
Download The Godfather (Jan 26, 2006 Prototype) (info)
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A prototype of The Godfather for the Microsoft Xbox.


The XDK image was originally shared on ASSEMblerGames, but the build was not recovered until years later.
The only maps that work are Brooklyn Grid and Little Italy. The other maps do not load due to corrupted or missing files.
It is recommended to use ears_godfather_r.xbe if you are running the build on a debug kit or ears_godfather_q.xbe if you are just running it on a modded xbox.

  • Build around a month before release.
  • The HUD is different.
  • The mini-map is more detailed but lacks aspects from the final game.
  • Business and Street text is different and in a different position.
  • Aldo has his proper voice actor.
  • Mobface was different.
  • Police Protection meter is a different colour.
  • Heat text is in a different position and works differently than the final game's.
  • Weapon UI is different.
  • The business textbox has more important text such as difficulty and extortion potential. It looks like these could be looked at on the map screen when you press the white/black button. These were cut from the final game.
  • The mission objective arrow has a different design.
  • The mission timer was different.


GodfatherJanuary26 1.png GodfatherJanuary26 2.png GodfatherJanuary26 3.png

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