The Godfather (May 16, 2005 Prototype)

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Title Screen
The Godfather (May 16, 2005 Prototype)
Build date May 16, 2005 21:21:28
Dump status Released
Dumped by aden34
Released by aden34
File release date July 27, 2020
Origin XDK Hard Drive
Game The Godfather
System Xbox
Genre Action
Final build EU Feb 7, 2006
US Feb 5, 2006
Release date US Mar 21, 2006
EU Mar 24, 2006
Download The Godfather (May 16, 2005 Prototype) (info)
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A prototype of The Godfather for the Microsoft Xbox.


  • This is a demo that was built for E3 2005.
  • Appears to only run properly on a Xbox or on emulators with 128MB of memory. The build will run out of memory and hang after pressing start when ran on retail hardware.
  • Built about eight and a half months before the first available final build.
  • Different Electronic Arts logo.
  • Different Paramount logo.
  • Copyright information is displayed under the Godfather splash screen.
  • The title screen is very different.
  • Attract trailer is the E3 2005 Trailer.
  • There is no loading screen. The screen freezes until the level is loaded.
  • Only one neighbourhood is playable in this build which is Little Italy.
  • It turns out two neighbourhoods were cut through looking at the text files. They were the Upper West Side and Queens.
  • Three events can be played which are the Don Is Dead Story Mission, Clemenza's Hit Mission and Emilio's Butcher Shop Racket.
  • The Notepad has a very basic design.
  • Aldo uses the name "David DeMartini" when you look at Tom's Report.
  • Aldo will respawn when Iced.
  • There are additional stats in Tom's Report that were cut from release.
  • Finishing the Don Is Dead Mission sends you back to the title screen.
  • The cutscene for the Don Is Dead Mission is different.
  • Clemenza can be killed in this build.
  • Clemenza's hit mission was quite different to the final game's.
  • Aldo Trapani's model is entirely different than the final game's.
  • Racket Boss in Emilio's Butcher Shop is a placeholder model.
  • Aldo Trapani, Emilio the Butcher, the Racket Boss, Cuneo's, Bobby Marcolini and Don Corleone's Assassins all use placeholder voice actors.
  • Tom's Report in the pause menu is drastically different to the final game's.
  • HUD is very unfinished, radically different and lacks detail.
  • Shotgun and Tommy Gun weapons uses placeholder sound effects.
  • Blackhand uses placeholder sound effects.
  • Environment sound effects are different.
  • Action text for talking and interrogating is different.
  • Vendetta and Heat use placeholder sound effects. Heat was known as "Crimewatch" during this stage of development.
  • There are certain areas outside of what is supposed to be playable in Little Italy that appear to be very unfinished.
  • Contains earlier renditions of the games soundtrack.
  • Two music tracks go unused in this build.


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