Bully: Scholarship Edition (Debug Build)

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Title Screen
Bully: Scholarship Edition (Debug Build)
Dump status Released
Released by chasm
File release date September 28, 2021
Origin RVT-H
Dump method rvthtool
Game Bully: Scholarship Edition
System Nintendo Wii
Genre Action-Adventure
Release date US Mar 04, 2008
Download Bully: Scholarship Edition (Debug Build) from external mirror
  • In order to launch it in Dolphin, all controllers must be disconnected before starting up to avoid a hang on btm_sec_mx_access_request, as well as increase MEM2 to 128MB.
  • The following steps were taken to build this ISO from loose files:
rvthtool extract Z:\2007-11-13.iso Z:\2007-11-13-retail.iso --recrypt=retail
wit X Z:\2007-11-13-retail.iso Z:\2007-11-13-files
  • All of the items in the files folder were replaced, as well as apploader.img, fst.bin, and main.dol in the sys folder.
wit CP Z:\2007-11-13-files Z:\2007-11-13-rebuilt.iso
rvthtool extract Z:\2007-11-13-rebuilt.iso Z:\01-Debug.iso --recrypt=debug
  • In order to use the Debug Menu, you need to have a secondary controller (preferred). It is possible to use a Keyboard/Mouse combo but is significantly more problematic.
  • To make the Debug Menu function, press the (1) Button on the Wiimote, or whatever you have assigned it to in an emulator. You can go up and down with the DPAD, and select options by going right or left on the DPAD.
  • To change pages, you need to use the (-/+) buttons, or whatever you have assigned it to in an emulator.
  • Some options will crash the game or cause it to hang, these may be documented below in the future.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • This build contains compiled script source code with no obfuscation. To decompile, you must run unluac on any of the .luc scripts that you are interested in looking at. This will give you full readable access of the game's script files.
  • This build also contains compiled .act files, however also with no obfuscation and are completely readable. These files handle nodes.