Bully: Scholarship Edition (Jan 11, 2008 prototype)

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Title Screen
Bully: Scholarship Edition (Jan 11, 2008 prototype)
Build date Jan 11, 2008
Build name 02-RB7E54
Dump status Released
Released by chasm
File release date September 24, 2021
Origin RVT-H
Dump method rvthtool
Game Bully: Scholarship Edition
System Nintendo Wii
Genre Action-Adventure
Release date US Mar 04, 2008
Download Bully: Scholarship Edition (Jan 11, 2008 prototype) from external mirror

This build originates from an RVT-H. It contained 3 builds of the game. This is the latest build in the RVT-H.

This build didn't have to be patched in order to function correctly, as it was closer to final.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Unlike the other builds, this one contains minor unknown changes from the final build of the game, but is a few months off release, so perhaps have yet to be found.
  • This version has a significantly different comic-strip background for the main title screen compared to the other two builds on the same RVT-H.