Driver: San Francisco (Jul 6, 2011 prototype)

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Title Screen
Driver: San Francisco (Jul 6, 2011 prototype)
Build date 2011-07-06 13:10:00
Build name Driver: San Francisco Single-Player Demo
Dump status Released
Origin Xbox 360 Marketplace
Game Driver: San Francisco
System Xbox 360
Genre Racing
Final build US Jul 11, 2011
Release date US Aug 10, 2011
Download Driver: San Francisco (Jul 6, 2011 prototype) (info)
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Download Driver: San Francisco (Jul 6, 2011 prototype) (info)
Error: The download file provided does not exist, please upload it or fix the file name if it's incorrect.

A late demo build of Driver: San Francisco for the Xbox 360.


E3 2011 demo content

This build of Driver: San Francisco is identical to the playable demo booth build shown off at E3 2011, albeit with a few subtle differences:

  • Multiplayer mode is not available.
  • Unlockable challenges, dares and activities are not present in code.
  • Traffic is limited to a very small subset of vehicles
  • The "Freedrive" chapter was replaced with the "Prove It" mission from the first chapter of the game; its chapter data, however, is still present and can potentially be accessed through modification.

Content is limited to a subset of three missions with timed objectives, all consolidated inside of a single script chunk that was originally primarily intended for the game's first chapter:

  • Prove It (Tanner & Jones mission; from Chapter 1)
  • Team Colors (tag team race mission; from Chapter 3)
  • Escapist (Tanner & Jones mission; from Chapter 6)

All player abilities (boosting, vehicle ramming and rapid shifting) are unlocked by default. The player is given a small period of time to complete a timed objective (five minutes if playing in freedrive mode), and all player stats (completed challenges, obtained Willpower, etc.) are reset to defaults at the end of a mission. Most of the existing San Francisco area is playable, excluding the Sutro Hilltops and all of Marin County as their respective level chunks have been baked out of the actual game files.

Mission differences

The demo features a number of differences in the three playable missions:

  • The "Prove It" mission has an alternate start point and automatically invokes the Shift HUD tutorial upon mission start.
  • An alternate set of vehicles is used in "Team Colors", a design decision likely intended to make the mission easier for new players. Strangely, the mood (weather type) displayed throughout the entire mission is the dark-green thunderstorm shown during the game's nightmare sequences and in the final Jericho battle (prior to the game's "epilogue" mission).
  • In "Escapist", Ordell does not pass by Tanner's car once the player arrives to their first destination; instead, Ordell's car is parked in an alley, and the first destination point has been shifted to a position that is directly behind them (unlike what is shown in the E3 demo). The mission plays identically to the variant included in the final game.
  • Demo-specific city locking levels are instituted across all three playable missions to prevent the player from deviating away from the intended route. The Chapter 1 city locking level is also referenced in the Freedrive chapter, but is not present in the baked assets.


  • Predates the final build by 5 days.
  • International release build. User cannot change UI language (depends on console settings), spoken language is forced to US English as necessary VO localization resources are not present.


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