Earthworm Jim 2 (Test Version)

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Title Screen
Earthworm Jim 2 (Test Version)
Build name NES Test Version
Dump status Released
Dumped by Maxzhou88
Released by Maxzhou88
File release date August 18, 2008
Files Earth worm Jim 2 (test version).nes
Game Earthworm Jim 2
System NES
Genre Action
Release date TW 1997

A late prototype of an NES port of Earthworm Jim 2 for NES.


  • The ROM was released on Maxzhou88's blog with a hacked multicart release of final version.
  • The build is close to final, with some minor differences:
    • The player starts in Inflated Head instead of Anything but Tangerines.
    • There's a background glitch in Puppy Love stage.

Release Notes

由于支持Mapper 217的模拟器我目前发现只有Cah4e3改版的FCEU-MM和另一个Nestopia模拟器可以模拟,所以大家要用这两个模拟器来玩它,而我的另一个半成品版(工程版):Earth Worm Jim 2(test versin).nes是采用mapper 4的,用普通的模拟器就可以了。我将来也想抽点时间将mapper 217恢复为mapper 4,这样一来就方便了。



Because I found that emulators supporting Mapper 217 are only FCEUMM and Nestopia (at that time), you may use those two emulators to emulate it (Final version). However, my another prototype version: Earth Worm Jim 2(test version).nes uses Mapper 4, you can use on any emulators. I may have times to edit Mapper 217 back to Mapper 4, that will be convinient.

Unfortunately, I deleted the source code due to the confidentiality agreement at that time.