Ghoul Patrol (PAL build)

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Title Screen
Ghoul Patrol (PAL build)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Radar
Released by drx
File release date February 17, 2019
Origin EPROM cart
Lot Virgin (Radar)
Labels Ghoul Patrol
Dump method EPROM Programmer
Ownership Anonymous (2000-2018), Radar (2018-present)
Game Ghoul Patrol
System SNES
Genre Action
Release date JP May 26, 1995
US Nov 1994
EU 1994
Download Ghoul Patrol (PAL build) (info)
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An alternate final PAL build of Ghoul Patrol for the SNES.


  • The only differences between this and the final retail PAL release exist in the header. The product code is "AAAGJE" instead of "AAAGJP" and the checksum and it's complement are different.




Special thanks to Radar for this release!