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Virgin Interactive Entertainment was the video game publishing division of British conglomerate the Virgin Group. It was formed as Virgin Games in 1983. Initially built around a small development team called the Gang of Five, the company grew significantly after purchasing budget label Mastertronic in 1987.

In 2000, Virgin began throwing away what they kept in their offices in Europe. Some employees managed to salvage certain artifacts from this time and kept it for many years. In the late 2010s, Radar managed to acquire certain items from this event and is planning to share it over time.

 DateLabelsSystemReleased by
Doom Troopers: Mutant Chronicles (Prototype A)DT#SNESDrx
Doom Troopers: Mutant Chronicles (Prototype B)PROTI DOOM TROOPSNESDrx
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Oct 6, 1994 prototype)6 October 1994 15:01:00Atari JaguarDrx
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Prototype)BLGame
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Sep 26, 1994 prototype)26 September 1994 19:53:00Atari JaguarDrx
Earthworm Jim (Aug 19, 1994 prototype)19 August 1994EWJ # 19/08/94.SNESDrx
Earthworm Jim (Aug 4, 1994 GameMaster prototype)4 August 1994EWJ GM # 04/08/94.SNESDrx
Earthworm Jim 2 (Apr 24, 1995 prototype)24 April 1995EWJ2 PAL Cheatmode Version.SNESDrx
Earthworm Jim 2 (Sep 7, 1995 prototype)7 September 1995EWJ-2 # 7/9/95SNESDrx
Flux (Apr 25, 1995 prototype)25 April 1995Flux TEST unit 24 BLANK FOR SAMPLESega Mega DriveDrx
Ghoul Patrol (PAL build)Ghoul PatrolSNESDrx
Maru's Quest (Prototype)Maru's Quest # Jaleco EuropeSNESSnescentral
Pinocchio (Apr 10, 1996 prototype)10 April 1996 12:13:00SNESDrx
Pinocchio (Apr 9, 1996 prototype)9 April 1996 12:35:00SNESDrx
Pinocchio (Aug 5, 1996 prototype)5 August 1996 12:05:00SNESDrx
Pinocchio (Dec 12, 1995 prototype)12 December 1995 12:14:00SNESDrx
Pinocchio (Dec 4, 1995 prototype)4 December 1995 17:03:00SNESDrx
Pinocchio (Dec 6, 1995 prototype)6 December 1995 12:42:00SNESDrx
Pinocchio (Early prototype)SNESDrx
Pinocchio (Jan 5, 1996 prototype)5 January 1996 16:07:00SNESDrx
Pinocchio (Jan 9, 1996 11.20 prototype)9 January 1996 11:20:00SNESDrx
Pinocchio (Jul 26, 1995 prototype)26 July 1995 10:55:00SNESDrx
Pinocchio (Mar 12, 1996 prototype)12 March 1996 14:48:00SNESDrx
Pinocchio 32x (Dec 6, 1995 prototype)6 December 1995 15:09:00U# (1-8)Sega 32XDrx
Resident Evil (Climax Game Boy prototype)Game Boy ColorDrx
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (May 16, 1991 prototype)16 May 1991ARCADIA SYSTEM.INC Arcadia Systems, INC. 18001 Cowan Street, Suite A Irvine, California 92714 U.S.A.NESDrx
Spot Goes To Hollywood (Aug 5, 1995 prototype)5 August 19955/08SNESSnescentral
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Crossroads of Time (Jul 3, 1995 prototype)3 July 1995DS9 3/7SNESDrx
Super Bomberman 2 (Prototype)Bomber Man II Ninte Snes EPROM # of 2 Please RETURN to Virgin I. E. Ltd 338A Ladbroke Grove, London W105AHSNESDrx
Super Bomberman 3 (Prototype)Super Bomberman 3 Nintendo SNES EP ROM # of 3 Please RETURN to Virgin I.E. Ltd 338A Ladbroke Grove, London W105AHSNESDrx
Super Off Road (Sega Master System Prototype)Super Off Road Master System Eprom 0 of 2Sega Master
Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Prototype)JE#SNESDrx
Unknown Top Down Racing Game (Prototype)SNESSnescentral
Wacky Races (Early SNES prototype)WR 1.SNESSnescentral
Wacky Races (SNES prototype)Wack RacesSNESSnescentral