Hexen (Sep 27, 1994 prototype)

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Hexen (Sep 27, 1994 prototype)
Dump status Released
Game Hexen
System PC
Download Hexen (Sep 27, 1994 prototype) (info)

A beta version of Hexen that was purportedly used for store demonstration purposes. While pretty close to the initial 1.0 public release, there are still some noticeable differences. This includes graphics (such as some inventory items), gameplay, the word BETA blinks on the screen constantly. More interesting about this prototype is its use as a base for the PS1 and Saturn ports, as it has some overlap with both of those.

This download includes the original install of the beta, as it was originally uploaded years ago. Either the system date must be set between September 27 and October 29 of 1995, or the user may use the DOS-based fakedate program to modify the files to run at any date.